012 – Justin’s well organized Lexus GX470

This is Justin’s 2005 Lexus GX470 Sport Package. It’s the most geared up build we’ve had yet and nothing seems out of place. It’s really well organized and space efficient.
There are also unusual and interesting ideas like LCA mounted LEDs. There’s definitely tons to unpack with this build so the gear list will be long!
Justin is a Tesla Energy solar installer from the Bay Area and he has been exploring places such as Mt. Shasta and Leavitt Lake as well as hitting the local OHV areas.

Let’s see how this rig is built!

Build Details

2005 Lexus GX470 Sports Package

Mileage: 180,000+
Engine mods: Alternator voltage booster with GM diode for Optima Yellow Top AGM battery
Exhaust: Muffler delete, axle cut exhaust
Front suspension: Ironman Foam Cell Pro 2.5in lift with heavy load springs
Rear suspension: Ironman Foam Cell Pro 3in lift with medium plus springs
Other suspension components:
-Ironman KDSS panhard bar
-Ironman rear KDSS spacer
-Treaty oaks front 460 KDSS spacer machined to fit 470 KDSS
-SPC Upper Control Arms
-Poly performance “Taco Tabs” Alignment Cam delete
-Whiteline Performance “Synthetic Elastomer” LCA bushings
-CVJreman High Angle CV Axles
-Durobump front and rear bumpstops
-Body Mount corner and Pinch Welds cut for increased tire clearance
Front Diff: Stock
Rear Diff: Stock
Diff Gearing: Stock
Brakes: Hawk Super Duty brake pads front and rear

Tires: Toyo MT LT295/70R17 (33″ X 11.5″)
Wheels: Gram Light 57DR-X 17″ X 8.5″, -10mm Offset with 1.25″ spacers, custom chrome plated
Skid plate: GoNorthOffroad engine skid plate, custom trimmed to fit KDSS and spaced with Megan LS430 RCA spacers to clear KDSS bar
Rock sliders: JWOFFROAD Bolt-on
Front bumper: Relentless Fabrication Hybrid with bullbar add-on
Rear bumper: R4T High Clearance
Other armor: OhanaRigSupply ABS Sensor guard

Air compressor:
Recovery gear: 48in Hi lift jack, 2x Maxtrax boards
Roof Rack: JWoffroad aluminum
Awning: OVS 270° with 3 walls, mounted with JWoffroad awning bracket(used as a riser) and stock OVS bracket
Shower tent: OVS, mounted with custom brackets
Shower system: Waterport 3.8gal with manual pump, neoprene sleeve, and custom nozzle holder

Exterior Mods:
-eBay rear spoiler
-eBay gloss black pillar covers
-Well window visors
-Prado blue tint wide angle side mirrors
-2x Gas Rotopax
-1x Water Rotopax with gowesty water spout
-1x Storage Rotopax
-2x Roam 83L cargo boxes(1 full of camping gear, other full of recovery gear/tools)
-Fiskar axe and Krazy beaver shovel mounted with quick fist mounts
-Kickass products shower floor(stored in spare wheel well)

Interior Mods:
-eBay pistol grip black wood steering wheel
-Likewise Daytona shift knob
-Likewise Neil Diamond transfer case knob
-Likewise love drift button
-Clazzio neck pads
-Vip’dout mini table
-Junction Produce fusa
-Bartact headrest MOLLE panel
-OhanaRigSupply overhead captain panel
-OhanaRigSupply upper rear door molle panel
-OhanaRigSupply rear door tool molle panel w/table
-OhanaRigSupply rear window molle panel
-JWoffroad rear storage cubby
-JWoffroad rear quarter interior molle panel
-JWoffroad rear net delete molle panel
-Bison gear large rear table
-Weathertech mats all around

-GoalZero Yeti 500x
-Midland 1001lwx CB radio w/ 4ft.
-Firestik antenna on custom mount
-Lamphus PA system
-WeBoost signal booster
-Pedal commander
-Pyle monitor w/ quad cameras
-Sumex inclinometer
-Scangauge 2 obd monitor
-Custom traction control off and kdss off switch
-Grom vLine2 Android head unit kit
-All speakers re-foamed with SimplySpeaker foam

-2x 12v Kashimura outlet splitter w/ 5 toggle switch(main switch panel)
-2x Baja designs XL squadron combo amber ditch lights
-4x Baja designs squadron combo amber fog lights
-2x Baja designs s1 spot clear abs lights
-2x Baja designs s2 wide amber rear chase lights
-RC 42in curved roof led bar
-20x MICTUNING C3 RGB rock lights
-4x MICTUNING C3 RGB rock lights mounted on roof rack
-4x Harbor freight rock lights
-Custom black housing headlights w/ Morimoto prism halos, 100mm and 70mm
-All exterior bulbs replaced with jdm astar led bulbs
-Type S rgb led interior floor lights and ambient lights
-Type S white led strip on rear door
-All interior bulbs replaced with amazon led board/bulbs
-LED strips on each arm of the OVS Awning

Mounts and brackets:
-Rhino media windshield reservoir relocation
-Rago Fabrication rear antenna mount
-McQueen fiberglass wide front fenders w/ custom fitted Prado side markers
-Ronin Metalworks mirror light bracket
-JWoffroad ditch light bracket
-JWoffroad rear spoiler light brackets
-JWoffroad rear quarter window MOLLE panel
-JWoffroad traction board mounts (mounted on a pair of JWoffroad hi-lift mount to clear awning bracket)
-OhanaRigSupply center dash mount
-OhanaRigSupply mid console mount
-OhanaRigSupply driver side trim mount

How did you discover overlanding?
Social media. Instagram, YouTube, etc. I actually got my first taste of off-roading with my buddy and his 4Runner about 8 years ago. Ever since then it’s been in the back of mind how fun it was. Fast forward a year ago and I picked up my GX, started exploring and been hooked ever since.

What is your favorite piece of overlanding gear you have?
Favorite gear would probably be my awning. I started off with a maxi-trac awning when I first began my build but saved up for my OVS 270 awning. The setup and freestanding is nice but my favorite feature would have to be the walls, basically making a giant tent. Lots of memories made with it, from having a rave to late night talks underneath this tent. Also the lights are pretty cool.

Why do you overland?
I love the thrill of it. Although I haven’t had too many adventures yet, it’s fun discovering how much is possible with my GX. I’m still ironing out the kinks with the setup but soon it’ll be ready for back to back adventures.

Please let Justin know what you think of his build in the comments below, on his instagram or on tiktok!

Instagram: @theboyflossy
TikTok: @theboyflossy

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